old marble sink at il mandorloIt is old. Some parts of the current structure were erected over 400 years ago.

Il Mandorlo means “Almond.”

Il Mandorlo is in the Val d’Orcia which was named in 2004 as a world heritage area by Unesco.

The sheep around Mandorlo are used for their milk, which is used to make the world famous Pecorino cheese. So, bring your own sweater and enjoy the cheese!

Each bedroom has air conditioning.

There are screens on most of the windows of the main house but not on the doors.

There are likely a few power adapters around the house, but bring your own to be on the safe side.

While life here is very civilized, the home is in the countryside, and with this comes wild animals. You may spot anything from deer, pheasant, wild boar on the larger side, to mosquitoes, wasps, and geckos on the smaller side. And of course, many things in between.